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Nevada.  The Silver State, the Sagebrush State, Battle Born. Its a state that generally conjures up thoughts of dust and salt flats, hot dry winds, slot machines, Las Vegas, pit mines, sand dunes, Burning Man, nuclear waste, whatever.

But all nicknames and preconceived notions aside, Nevada literally translates to "snowy" or "snow covered", terms which are music to the ears of winter backcountry enthusiasts.  Combine that snow with over 300 named mountain ranges (the most of any state), and you've got a recipe for adventure.  Simply put, the opportunities for backcountry skiing and snowboarding are vast and impressive.

Nevada has also been blessed with the most public lands of any state (nearly 85% of state lands!), ensuring that access will be available and remain open to all.  This website is dedicated to documenting and showcasing the backcountry recreation opportunities available across Nevada's massive public land playground.

Now get out there and enjoy it (responsibly)!

Thank you

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