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March 7, 2020

Location: Star Peak east side -Star Creek Drainage - and Buena Vista Valley

Snowpack: Thin with lots of exposed sagebrush, not particularly deep, but drifted and consolidated. Patches of skiable snow exist above 7,500 ft., and (as is typical of Nevada) the snowpack is very supportable despite exposed brush. More fun than you'd expect lookin...

March 2, 2020

I don't feel like writing the usual conditions/snowpack/whatever beta bits. Lets just say it was a thin Great Basin snowpack, with some isolated windslabs and generally firm conditions underneath. Its unusual to get that much snow there, but it worked!

Story: King Lear peak is a captivating Nevada mountain , which holds a special place in m...

February 23, 2020

Location: Weeks Creek, East Humboldt Range

Conditions: Actually good, though probably wind wrecked now

Snowpack: Reasonably deep, and actually (surprisingly) quite a bit deeper than our previous visit. Seems like that last storm dropped 1-2 feet depending on aspect and windloading. Speaking of which...there were absolutely some weird and spo...

February 23, 2020

Location: Adams Peak, Osgood Mountains

Conditions: Sagebrush, ice, corn, and light old fluff (on north facing)

Snowpack: Not super deep, only skiable on north thru east aspects above 7,500 ft. Seemed well consolidated.

Alls good at sunset over the Osgoods

Story: I love the basin and range so much, that I’ll do just about anything for a good ad...

February 20, 2020

Location: EastSide (East Side of Rubies, East Side of South Rubies, East Side of East Humboldts)

Conditions: Rain affect down low, transitioning to windboard, windbuff, and full on powpow at higher elevations. Mostly staying cold, especially on North aspects and at elevation. Snowpack is sitting about average, which translates to...

February 8, 2020

Location: Santa Rosa Range, East Side

Conditions: Virtually everthing -dust on crust, windbuff, glare ice, mahogany forest powpow, corn, windcrust, mud, and lots of sagebrush tip knockers.

Snowpack/Avalanche Considerations: Dug a pit at around 8,000 ft. on east facing 33 degree slope. Snowpack was 170 cm deep at that locale. Some weaker laye...

April 13, 2019

Location: Ruby Mountains, specifically Right Fork Lamoille Canyon 

Conditions: Wonderful bluebird spring pow, crunchy/crusty down low transitioning to blower up high.

Story: Mt. Gilbert has been on my list of dream lines since I first set eyes on it years ago. It's a huge glacial horn that appears spectacular from State Route 227 (Lamoille R...

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